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Intro: Teacher Andione Elizabeth

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1. Community Affairs Assistant - From 01/07/2019 To 12/30/2020

- Details: -First Knowledge Product for Extension Launching (February 12, 2020) -Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for Extension Knowledge Product (September30, 2019) *Took part in the development, packaging and launching of MPSPC’s First Knowledge Product for Extension and documented its proceedings -Division Training- Workshop on Digital Illustration of Story Book (July 29- 31, 2019) -DOST- TESDA Orientation on Certification of Eligibility of Non- DOST System S&T Personnel under R. A. No. 8439 (March 13, 2019) - E- Extension Orientation (March 27, 2019) *Coordinated and facilitated training/activity content and process *Administered general evaluation at the end of each training/ activity *Recorded proceedings of each training/activity *Collected and collated workshop outputs, learning insights, and recapitulations -Agency In- House Review (October 15- 16,2020) *Conducted Impact Studies and presented paper titled “Outcomes Appraisal of MPSPC Nursing Extension Activity in Talubin, Bontoc” under Sociocultural/ Socioeconomic category *Wrote published articles for MPSPC Road Roller and Gameng Di Sumyaan Magazine *Created IEC materials for Extension Services(PPT, Brochures, Activity Programs) *Furnished quarterly, semi- annual and annual reports of faculty department/s *Assisted in the preparation of pertinent documents of under reviewed department/s as requested by oversight agencies

2. SPED Teacher/ Admin Staff - From 11/06/2017 To 07/02/2018

- Details: -Taught Filipino subjects for kinder students -Facilitated kinder playgroups and other activities -Tutored Filipino, Chinese, and Korean students in English and other subjects -Assessed students’ progress before, during, and after sessions -Prepared reports on students’ progress and discussed with parents or guardians -Crafted instructional materials and lesson plans used for kinder playgroups, classes and tutorial services -HGNL Journalism Club Adviser -Updated Bulletin Board weekly -Answered daily inquiries via social media, phone calls and/or walk-ins -Wrote communication letters, social media announcements, enrollment or payment updates, etc. -Documented portfolio reviews, orientations, meeting minutes, and other HGNL-related activities -Prepared weekly and monthly progress reports and presented them during meetings -Organized and Coordinated events and other updates to parents and/or headquarters in Manila o Managed social media and e-mail accounts of HGNL -Acted as a Library custodian of HGNL

3. Office-Based English Teacher - From 06/24/2017 To 08/29/2017

- Details: -Taught English as a Secondary Language to Chinese students of different ages and learning levels -Conducted trial lessons with a 100% success rate of enrollment -Composed feedback and progress reports of students after each conducted class

4. Teacher/ Grade 8 Home Room Adviser - From 01/09/2017 To 06/27/2017

- Details: -Taught the English subject to grades level 3,4, 5, 7, and 8. -Taught Music every once a week to a class of grade 10 Korean students -Prepared lesson plans for each grade level and submitted them to the principal, a week before the actual lesson -Researched up-to-date topics and crafted various instructional materials used for each lesson -Monitored and noted daily students’ progress or behavior -Prepared comprehensive tests or other assessment tools -Administered daily quizzes, weekly assessments, and monthly examination to students -Collected and collated students’ output -Prepared and submitted monthly reports of students’ progress, attendance, grades, and other updates -Answered parent’s questions or concerns during PTA meetings or card giving events, or through the use of a communication notebook -Facilitated events such as commissioning and completion ceremony. -Crafted invitation letters, school props, and other IEC materials used during school-related activities. -Coordinated with other schools or organizations for training and seminar purposes.


  • University of the Cordilleras Bachelor's Degree in Special Education


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi! I'm so happy to have you here. I'm teacher Andi, a licensed teaching professional with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a 120-hour TESOL certificate.

My goal is to inspire students on their language journey--adapting my teaching methods to their learning styles and providing personalized attention and support.

In the classroom, I prioritize open communication, mutual respect, and active participation. Students have the freedom to express themselves confidently, make mistakes fearlessly, and grow both linguistically and personally.

I'm excited to join you on this transformative journey. Together, we'll explore English through interactive lessons, real-life contexts, and creative resources.

See you!

Teacher Andione Elizabeth's introduction:



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