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Intro: Teacher Andy O'Reilly

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1. English Teacher - From 01/01/2013 To 08/19/2023

- Details: I have been teaching for 10 years and have a specialized degree in English Language. I am confident in my teaching and have a passion for children's growth and education.


  • Umhlali Preparatory School Bachelor's Degree in English specialized Language and Grammar


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Creative, passionate, fun, committed, and reliable teacher. I thrive off reaching goals and making them possible. It is of utmost importance that children gain the fundamental knowledge and basis of education. I engage in the learner's needs and teach in a style that learning becomes enjoyable and challenging tasks reachable. Setting goals and maintaining a good relationship with learners is something that is important to me – this way learners feel comfortable to ask questions and are confident in answering. I relate teaching concepts to everyday scenarios and adapt to the needs of the learners. I am independent, objective to change, and flourish in obtaining positive results. I have a love for and with children and find working with a vast spectrum of different abilities rewarding. I enjoy teaching the English language as it exposes me to a world of different nations, cultures, and the greatest diversity of personalities. I am well-traveled and have been exposed to new languages, as well as learners with learning barriers. I have specialized in the English Language, with 10 years of teaching experience and I look forward to sharing and teaching all the wonderful and exciting concepts of the language.

When it comes to my teaching style, I challenge myself with every student. I like to gauge the personalities of my students as this will help me to adapt my teaching style to better suit my students. Personally given my extroverted personality I like to use both teacher-centered as well as Learner-centered teaching approaches. These approaches make use of the teacher providing information to the learners as well as the learner being able to elaborate and share their knowledge. I like to make learning fun and try to incorporate as many props and games as possible, making the learners feel comfortable in my classroom.

Teacher Andy's introduction:

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