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Intro: Teacher Arlene

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1. Online English Teacher - From 07/10/2008 To 01/06/2022 - Details: I have a decade of experience teaching English to students of different ages and nationalities.


  • Baguio Central University Bachelor of Science in Commerce


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I have been teaching English for more than a decade. I have helped many students coming from different cultures and backgrounds such as South Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabs. These students were of different ages and levels ranging from zero- English to intermediate. I am confident that I had helped my past students achieve their goals of improving their English in different aspects such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Teaching Style:

Through my years of teaching experience, I have honed my ability to properly teach my students by using different methods and techniques such as utilizing "Callan Method", songs, chants, TPR, poems, props, realia, pictures, and toys, games, and concept check questions and by giving them simple and direct instructions, especially for very young learners. This is how I was able to make my students interested and engaged.

As for adult students, I make my classes interested and engaged by correcting their grammar usage, giving example sentences that they could follow, and teaching them other alternative and useful phrases and vocabulary. To make all of my classes stress-free and culturally diverse, I avoid the "PARSNIP is the acronym used by educational publishers to remind authors of topics to be avoided in textbooks. It stands for politics, alcohol, religion, sex, narcotics, isms (communism for example) and pork".

Teacher Arlene introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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