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Intro: Teacher Chantel

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1. Preschool English Teacher at Kiddie winkles Pre Primary school - From 09/2010 to 12/2011 - Details:

• Age Group:3months-2years

• Responsibilities: Using the Practica Study Method. It was my responsibility to assist the little ones to reach their milestones, using TPR as well as caring for them and providing emotional support. This also included Creating and developing lesson plans suited to each age group as well as conducting end-of-term reports for each child.

2. Preschool English Teacher at North Riding Pre-Primary - From 01/2012 To 01/2013 - Details:

• Age Group: 3 years old

•Responsibilities: I taught children between the ages of 3 to 4, English, life skills and personal development milestones. TPR was included in this as I taught children songs and we always had story time with puppets before they would go down for a nap. Responsibilities also included Creating and developing lesson plans suited to each age group and at the end of each term writing reports on each child’s development.

4. Online English Teacher at Open English - From 06/01/2020 To 03/31/2022 - Details: Teaching South America Adults English.

• Taught Classic classes, with a group of 12 students, where the lesson was very casual and more conversational, and the focus was not on grammar and pronunciation but rather practice.

• Taught Group classes with lessons that focussed on grammar and pronunciation with students being positively corrected and guided on how to pronounce their English and how to form sentences. The lesson plans included grammar which helped students understand certain rules of English. These lessons were 45 minutes in duration.

• Taught Private classes which were of a 20-minute duration. During that time, the student could choose if they want to continue with a lesson that consisted of 5 pages and focussed on grammar rules or if they wanted to practice their English and have a conversation.

5. Online English Teacher at iTutor - From 04/02/2022 To 10/11/2022 - Details: Teaching both adults and children. The lessons taught were of a conversation nature for the adults although the focus was on pronunciation and sentence formation and these lessons were 45 minutes in duration. I used a lot of TPR and Props when teaching the children. The lessons for the children were structured according to the level and age of the student and lessons were made fun and interactive. The children's lessons were 25 minutes in duration,


  • Professional Childcare College Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am a preschool teacher who has studied Basic Childhood Development, I have worked with children for 10 years in person, helping them reach their age-appropriate milestones, before leaving to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry where I worked as a children’s entertainer and Educator aboard various Cruise Lines for six years. I found my passion teaching little minds the art of English, which started a journey in teaching English to foreign children and adults. I also have experience teaching English to business professionals with the focus being on how to communicate better and to cross-cultural and language barriers in a corporate environment.

💬 Teaching Style

I am a dedicated and hardworking individual with a strong TPR presence. I have a flexible schedule and I am available to teach during the week and on weekends. I also have a high-speed internet line.

Teacher Chantel introduction:

Teaching certificates


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