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Intro: Teacher Jade Capell

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1. Grade 1 Teacher - From 01/09/2023 To 05/31/2023

- Details: As a grade 1 native teacher, my duty is to provide my students with a strong foundation in English language skills, while also fostering their love of learning. I do this by creating and delivering engaging lessons, providing individualized support, and maintaining a positive and nurturing classroom environment.

2. Student Teacher - From 01/07/2019 To 12/16/2022

- Details: I performed teaching practicals throughout my four-year bachelor's degree in education. I taught a variety of lessons in all foundation phase subjects.


  • Varsity College Bachelor of Education

  • The TEFL Academy Online Level 5 Teaching English as a Foreign Language


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello. I am Teacher Jade. I live in the beautiful country of South Africa. I cannot wait to learn all about your country where you live. I completed my Bachelor of Education at the end of 2022 with distinctions as well as being awarded the top graduate. Throughout the past few years, I have gained work experience in and outside of the classroom. I have an undeniable passion for teaching which is what initially led me to choose this path of education. My heart grows increasingly to love my profession through being in the classroom and gaining more experience. Teaching is not a one-size-fits-all-all, as you need to be compassionate, caring, and innovative, as well as know how to set boundaries and adapt your teaching strategies to meet the needs of each learner. Each learner brings their own form of genius into the classroom and all varieties need to be embraced. Specializing in the Foundation Phase, I would love to make a difference in your child's life. Let's chat and get started with some lessons. Teacher Jade's introduction:

Teaching Certificates:


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