Intro: Teacher Jeandre

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- Details: Online Teaching at First Future. Teach ESL online to children ages 6 – 16, and adults of all ages • Teaching to all levels, including Cambridge Courses, with TPR methods • Teaching one-on-one and group classes (tutoring groups & big group online classroom, with assistance of a Chinese teacher).


  • North West University Major: LLB Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I developed an interest in teaching English online to children while volunteering as a teacher at a local community organisation. I understand the benefit of learning English and how it can open many opportunities for children in their future. I believe with my experience and skills I make an excellent ESL teacher and mentor.

I have a Bachelor of Laws from North West University and I have completed an International English Teacher Certificate in TESOL through International TEFL Organization. This certificate has reinforced the skills I have developed as a volunteer teacher and interacting with children of different language and cultural backgrounds.

I am a Native English Speaker from South Africa with a clear and neutral sounding accent. I speak Afrikaans as a second language, so understand the challenges that come with learning a second language such as vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking in front of others.

💬 Teaching Style:

  • I am artistic, friendly, and vibrant with an ability to engage with people of all ages. I am able to work within time limits, follow company procedures and policy, and keep records effectively.

  • I am confident my experience as an ESL teacher, in person teacher, along with my trainer experience in a professional capacity, will be beneficial for inspiring and engaging students to achieve their best within my online English classroom. I can effectively manage students in a kind and open manner to ensure all participants learn new skills and have positive outcomes. I enjoy actively engaging with children and teenagers, and spending time with them.

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