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  1. Learner Facilitator in Beautiful Minds Learning Centre / 15 Ophir Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town - From 01/01/2015 To 12/31/2015 - Details: Assist and tutor learners with special needs throughout their school day.

  2. Learner Facilitator in SNAP Academy Primary School / 9 De Dam Rd, Vierlanden, Cape Town - From 01/01/2016 To 03/31/2016 - Details: Assist and tutor learners with special needs throughout their school day.

  3. LEARNER FACILITATOR/CLASSROOM ASSISTANT in Cape Town - From 04/01/2016 To 12/31/2016 - Details: Assisting learners with work tasks throughout the school day, taking groups of learners for reading lessons, assisting classroom teacher with classroom management, administrative tasks such as printing and marking.

  4. Online ESL teacher in Upedia - From 02/26/2021 To 03/10/2021 - Details: Conducting online English lessons for non-native speakers.


  • UNISA Major: Teaching Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction: My name is Joanne Cooper, a 29 year old native English speaking teacher from the beautiful country of South Africa. I have five years of teaching experience and am extremely excited to start my TEFL journey!

Ever since the 5th grade, I knew that I wanted to go into teaching, as I was inspired by the way my teachers worked tirelessly to improve the lives of their students and give them the tools to be successful in life. I started my teaching journey in 2015 as a learner facilitator in a special needs school, and from there, went on to work for a public primary school as a learner facilitator and classroom assistant, and have gone on to work for a private remedial school that specialises in teaching learners with various barriers to learning.

I have taught learners from the ages of five to fourteen, and have experiences with both one-on-one, classroom and online teaching. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in education and love the experience of getting to bond and interact with my learners.

💬 Teaching Style:

Through my work and university experience, I have learnt a variety of different teaching methodologies, skills and practical knowledge, such as classroom management and lesson planning. I have been told by my coworkers and students that I am kind, patient, hard-working and flexible in my teaching techniques, changing the way I present materials to suit the needs of each student under my care, according to their individual needs.

I am interested in TEFL as I am looking to broaden my teaching experience and get to know and exchange language and culture with learners from all over the world. I am always looking for a way to learn along with my students and make it a fun and enjoyable experience for both parties.

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