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Intro: Teacher Juliet

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1. ESL Teacher - From 05/28/2018 To 06/14/2021 - Details: Teaching English as a secondary language to Korean students (kindergarten, elementary, high school, university students, and adults); train new teachers to be familiar with lessons and programs and have better class handling.

2. Online English Teacher

- From 06/21/2021 To 02/28/2023

- Details: Teaching English to Japanese students (elementary up to high school); providing good quality classes and helping improve students’ English skills; conducting English tests twice a month.


  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Bachelor Degree in English


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello, there!

My name is Juls and I am from the Philippines~

I have been teaching English as a second language online for over 4 years now. As soon as I graduated I immediately applied for an ESL teacher. I have taught Korean and Slovak students which gave me hands-on experience in dealing with young children face-to-face and even online. I am currently teaching Japanese students. We usually help them speak English freely and correct their speeches/essays. I am teaching elementary students up to high school students. They love having me as their teacher. I find it easy to understand them despite the language barrier which makes them comfortable expressing themselves.

I love working with students and creating activities and lesson plans that can engage them. Furthermore, I am passionate about teaching and understand the importance of shaping young minds and leading them in the right direction.

Teacher JULIET introduction:


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