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  1. 6 years of online teaching experience in China & Russia - From 01/01/2015 To 03/10/2021 - Details: I have taught online from my hometown, to 3 online schools in China and one in Russia.


  • Unisa Major: Psychology and Biology Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

My name is Kauthar Carloo. I have been teaching English professionally since 2015. I have worked for various online companies and gained experience teaching Chinese and Russian kids, teenagers, and adults on all levels. I have taught business, conversational, grammar, IELTs, and phonetic lessons. I have obtained TEFL, TEYL and TESOL certificates over the past few years. I completed one year of BSc Audiology at UCT, where I also did an introductory linguistic course in 2014. I am currently studying Bachelor of Life Sciences, streaming in Psychology at the University of South Africa.

💬 Teaching Style:

  • My passion for teaching English started in high-school where I was part of a peer-tutoring program which aimed to improve the language of my non-native English speaking peers.

  • I consider my teaching style adaptable, to suit the varying needs of individual students, however, I am naturally a fun, energetic and also a knowledgeable teacher.

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