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Intro: Teacher Kelly-Anne

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  1. Tutor in Durban, South Africa - From 01/01/2009 To 12/31/2014 - Details: I worked with children from the ages of 3-17 years old tutoring them with requested school subjects, helping them study and prepare for exams. In addition to this, I would also babysit and lead youth groups on Friday nights.

  2. Au Pair in United States of America - From 08/17/2015 To 08/17/2017 - Details: From 2015-2017, I was an Aupair in both New York and Virginia, United States of America. Where I served as an Au Pair to several beautiful children aged between 3-9 years of age. My responsibilities covered a broad spectrum, assistance with learning being one of them.

  3. English Tutor in Cape Town, South Africa - From 06/01/2018 To 03/01/2020 - Details: During 2018-2020, I served as a Missionary with YWAM in Cape Town. The base was an international, multicultural base - so, I was awarded the opportunity to teach English to several different nationalities with individuals aged 17-40 years old. I was also awarded the opportunity to travel to the Philippines and teach English there for 3 months.

  4. SKYENG Teacher - From 10/01/2021 To 01/09/2022 - Details: I have been teaching English online to Eastern Europeans and Asians with a company called SKYENG.

  5. TEHESO Teacher - From 01/01/2022 To 01/01/2023 - Details:I am currently teaching English online to Eastern Europeans with a company called TEHESO.

  6. ClassIn Teacher - From 02/23/2022 To 02/23/2023 - Details: I am currently teaching English to children from China on the ClassIn platform. Lessons are based on Cambridge Think Materials and Kidsbox Lessons.

  7. ESL Tutor - From 10/01/2021 To 10/01/2023 - Details: I currently teach private English Lessons over Zoom to adult students from Europe, namely Russia. We work with both general and business English materials from ESL Pals.


  • Durban Girl's High School Major: NCS Bachelor


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello Schola Family,

My name is Kelly-Anne and I am a qualified ESL teacher.

I have been teaching English for many years and have partnered with people and students from multiple different nations.

I am passionate about teaching and journeying with people from different cultural backgrounds, empowering them to feel confident in speaking English as if it were their own native language.

I understand the challenges of learning a new language, as I am currently learning German, this is one of the things I believe, that puts me on common ground with my learners and makes it easy for us to connect.

💬 Teaching Style:

As a teacher, I am patient, kind, encouraging, fun, easy to talk to, and easy to understand.

My main goal is to earn the trust of my students through developing relationships and establishing a bond of trust so that they feel at ease and comfortable learning and making mistakes in my classroom. I like to use positive error correction in my classes and follow the teaching model of presenting, practicing, and thereafter performing.

My lessons cover all of the English vitals - speaking, reading, grammar, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, listening skills, and exam preparation should this be required.

Book a trial lesson with me, I cannot wait to start our learning journey together.

Teacher Kelly introduction:

Teaching certificate:

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