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  • International ESL Teacher - From: 04/20/2019 to 09/30/2021 - Details: International ESL teacher teaching students between the ages of 2-18, in class sizes between 1-15 students per class for EF (Education First). Students were taught both offline in the classroom and online via the Tencent classroom platform. Classes taught varied from 17-24 per week. Responsibilities also included student progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, demo lessons and open classes. I was also in charge of facilitating extra-curricular classes called "Life Clubs" in which the students had a fun class learning cooking, arts, crafts, baking and other fun skill-building whilst still teaching them new English vocabulary and grammar content.

  • Online English Teacher - From 08/03/2021 To 09/30/2021 - Details: Online English 1-on-1 classes taught to Taiwanese students aged 2-18. Taught content includes reading, writing, grammar, conversational English, phonics, the alphabet and listening skills. Students received personalized progress reports after each and every class. Once we've had few classes together, personalized action plans are made and implemented to facilitate growth in weaker areas.


  • AFDA Johannesburg Major: Live Performance Bachelor Degree

  • Teach TEFl Language School


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi there! I'm Kevin Koopman, an English teacher with 3+ years of experience, having taught both offline (in Wuhan, China) and online. I have worked for Education First (EF) China as well Oikid & Global TEFL Recruiters during this time. I am a professional actor as well (a very handy skill in the classroom), having my completed my Bachelor's Degree in Live Performance. During my time in China with EF, I received an award for "Best Teacher" in my centre at the company's annual city-wide Gala.

After my time teaching both on and offline, my thirst for education has only grown more with every passing year. I relish every opportunity to impart knowledge to the younger (and older) generations who will one day lead the world. My experience as an ESL teacher has taught me not only the job-specific skills of the trade, but also that as educators we have as much to learn from our students as they have to learn from us. I believe there no more rewarding a challenging than learning a new language, and as a South African native English speaker I understand how difficult it can be - with South Africa having over 11 official different languages (including sign language). Personally I am on the journey of learning 3 other languages (Siswati, Afrikaans and Mandarin - Wuhan dialect), so I understand how important the role of a teacher is on this journey.

💬 Teaching Style:

  • I believe a teacher should be fair, patient and understanding to each of the students particular learning needs, but also be encouraging and challenge the students where necessary.

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