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teacher Kristen

Teacher Kristen holds a 120 hour TESOL certificate, as well as four consecutive years of teaching/tutoring experience and she has been an online teacher for one year.

Teacher Kristen has taught a variety of different ages and proficiency levels, assessing each student's strengths and weaknesses to ensure their needs are met.

She teaches foundation phases all the way to upper-intermediate and business English.

Her teaching style is energetic and fun, which keeps the students engaged and eager to participate in the lesson.

Teacher Kristen is patient with her students, giving them time to comprehend the task and feel comfortable to ask any questions.

Teaching is a deep passion of herself, it is seen through the classes teacher Kristen provide to her students as they are of the utmost importance to herself as a teacher.


  • International TEFL certificate


  • She has many years of Teaching experience

Teaching style:

  • Energetic - Fun - Patient

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Teaching certificate:

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