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Intro: Teacher Leandri

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1. Online English Teacher at iTutor - From 2020 To 2022 - Details:

  • My students range from 6 years old up to adults.

  • I have online experience in 1v1 classes and small group classes with young learners and also adults.

  • I teach English phonics, grammar, literature, reading, writing, communication, pronunciation, adult travel- and daily conversational skills, and also business English. I also teach social studies and mathematics.


  • Unisa University Major: Bachelor's degree in Physics


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello! I am Leandri and welcome to my class.

Learning English can be fun and exciting. That is why I make sure my classes are full of games, songs, acting and lots more.

I am a native English speaker with a UK accent. I am currently studying towards a bachelor degree and I have a 240 hour TEFL certificate. I have 2 years online teaching experience and love every second of it.

💬 Teaching Style

My students range from 6 years old up to adults, from beginner level, up to advanced level.

For the younger students, I use props, and puppets. My objective for teenagers and adults is to help my students achieve their language goals, in a relaxed and friendly environment, to help them feel confident in speaking English.

I am so excited to meet and support my students on this amazing journey of learning English.

I hope to see you in class soon.

Teacher Leandri introduction:

Teaching certificate

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