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Intro: Teacher Lee James

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1. Esl Teacher Antoree - From 02/05/2018 To 11/16/2022

- Details: Caring for 2 children (ages 9 and 13). Organizing all activities regarding children’s educational and recreational activities. Tutoring both children on an international Curriculum of Cambridge. Food preparation for kids, assisting with homework, exam, and project assistance. Driving children to and from school and extramural activities, and planning entertainment.

2. Esl Teacher Airclass

- From 01/30/2019 To 11/29/2022

- Details: Esl Teacher Teaching UK, Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian students as well as the Middle East.

3. Esl Teacher

- From 01/10/2021 To 12/20/2022

- Details: Esl Teacher School classes 40 to 60 students in a class.

4. Grapeseed Teacher

- From 06/30/2021 To 06/30/2023

- Details: Grapeseed Teaching for different centers in Vietnam on the grapeseed curriculum


  • SATS college Bachelor's Degree in BTh Theology


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I’m 36 years old I live in South Africa, I have been involved with the North West University as a Faculty Advisor, working with Masters & Doctoral students for the last 4 years, I traveled all over South Africa recruiting and facilitating open days.

For the last 7 years, I have been involved with church-based reaches where I was working and teaching English to many children, in 2017 I was in Thailand I’m the north part of Chaing Mae teaching English in the villages to the children there. I have finished school Gr12 as well as completed my TEOFEL certificate with 180 hours. I have physical teaching experience of 5 years on camps and outreaches, my online experience is about 1 year.

I have recently completed 9800 teaching hours in the last 4 years and half years, as well as obtaining my Grape seed certification.

In addition to this, I have won the Best Teacher award 6 times, 3 for best trial teacher and 3 for best teacher and, I have obtained a 5-star teachers rating.

I have completed my Diploma in business management and BTh degree in Theology. I love people I am a big fan of sports Rugby, golf, soccer, and extreme sports. I also love nature and wild animals.

I love making people laugh and going the extra mile, to make sure I achieve my goals set out for me. I have a high attention to detail and I care about the little things, as well as building relationships with others.

If you want to have fun and reach your potential just know, I all get you there you can count on me.

Teacher Lee James's introduction:

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