Intro: Teacher Monica

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giáo viên chất lượng cao giáo viên Schola teacher's Schola Schola's teacher
Giáo viên Monica

She is one of many teachers in her family and she believe that she was born to teach.

Teacher Monica's field of study in Education focuses mainly on younger children, but she have taught people of all ages in schools and youth groups.

Completing her TEFL course as well as educating students from around the world has advanced her teaching skills even further.

She regard herself an energetic and enthusiastic person and she is passionate about teaching.

Seeing her students develop and blossom inspires teacher Monica to always do her best, but make no mistake, students do have fun as well! Teacher Monica is committed to helping all her students become the best that they can be. She looks forward to meeting with all lovely students.


  • Bachelor of Education from North West University

  • TEFL/ TESOL certificate


  • She has many years of Teaching experience

Teaching style:

  • Passionate - Supportive - Cheerful

Teacher Monica introduction:

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