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Intro: Teacher Laili

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English Teacher - From 11/07/2022 To 01/13/2024

  • Passionate about creating dynamic learning environments where students of all ages thrive and confidently express themselves in English.

  • Skilled at tailoring lessons to diverse needs and learning styles, from playful activities for children to targeted exam preparation for adults.

  • Proven ability to boost student fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension through interactive approaches and effective teaching methods.


  • Jenderal Soedirman University Bachelor's degree in English Literature


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am a bachelor graduate majoring in English Literature and I also have 6 years of experience as an English teacher. I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and experienced English teacher. My outgoing nature has allowed me to have good communication skills and adapt easily. 

There are 5 methods I use when I teach. First, I always try to have a good rapport with them so they will be more comfortable. That's why I always find out their needs and interests. Second, I will incorporate different teaching styles matching students' learning styles so they will be more engaged. Third, I always create a fun activity while learning so the learning process can be enjoyable and memorable. Fourth, I like to trigger students' curiosity so they will be eager to learn. Last but not least, I will always support the students throughout the process by providing resources and guiding students so I know what they lack and how to solve it.

Teacher Laili's introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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