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Intro: Teacher Natasha

To study trial with teacher Natasha, please sign up at:


1. Online ESL teacher: - From 11/15/2018 To 01/11/2019 - Details: Online teacher

2. Online ESL teacher in Waijia online school - From 06/06/2019 To 08/09/2019

- Details: Online ESL teacher

3. Face-to-face tutoring - From 03/22/2005 To 12/03/2008

- Details: tutoring school-going children, at their homes with extra lessons on all subjects.


  1. Varsity College Pretoria campus Major: 3-year national Public Relations diploma

  2. Global language college Major: 120 Hour advanced TEFL, TESOL cert

Teaching style: Creative - Humble - Humorous

  • I'm motivated to pursue personal and professional growth through reading, studying, and living in every moment. I handle situations with grace from a moral, level-headed & ethical standpoint. I am a native English speaker, and Afrikaans is my second language. A challenge is always welcome and I am sure my creative and "out of the box" thinking will solve any problem!

  • I  do feel there is a lot I can bring to my students and a lot they can add to my life I feel rewarded and humbled by every advance made by my students no matter their age. I am truly passionate about online teaching and I am dedicated to my students. I have 9 years of corporate telecommunications experience positioned as a public relations manager. I have 4 years of freelance virtual administration experience, I have 4 years of face-to-face tutoring experience and I have been an active online TEFL/ TESOL teacher since January 2019,

  • My education & qualifications are as follows- Global Language Training LTD. London-Certificate in TEFL, TESOL GLT2019016981 awarded 8 May 2019, GoSoacial-Branding & social media workshop - 2017, Multiple workshops, & training on cellular networks and cellular devices. 2008- 2014, Intec College Restaurant management certificates- 2010, Certificate in Professional Cookery- 2010, Varsity College 3-year Diploma in public Relations ( PRISA) - 2008, and finally through Intec College- Graduated from matric in 2002. Teacher Natasha Introduction:

Teaching certificates:

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