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Intro: Teacher Niño

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1. ESL Tutor - From 08/16/2020 To 06/30/2024

- Details: I have been assisting and tutoring kids aged 8 years old and above with their pronunciation, grammar, writing, and speaking of the English Language. Through such a freelance private online tutorial center, I was able to attain my dreams especially when it comes to performing arts.

2. Voice and Stage Deportment Coach - From 05/13/2018 To 01/15/2022

- Details: I worked as a singing coach, stage deportment, speech, and acting coach with the Music and Arts Studio by MRBR Productions.

3. ESL Tutor - From 04/14/2022 To 07/15/2022

- Details: I taught kids from different parts of the world, especially how to properly speak the English language.


  • University of St. La Salle Bachelor's Degree in Psychology


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi! My name is Teacher Ino. I love to sing, act, dance, paint, and, most of all, socialize with different types of people coming from different races, cultures, and experiences. Since 2018, I have been teaching as a part-time singing coach to kids aged 3 and above. Further, I have been teaching as an online ESL teacher for about 4 years.

I graduated with the course Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with the distinction of Cum Laude (With Latin Honors), was awarded the Best Undergraduate Thesis for the College of Arts and Sciences, and was chosen as the Psychology Servant Leadership Awardee in 2017.

Learning English might be challenging, but with dedication and hard work, studying it would also be fun and interesting! If I were given the chance to help students become critical thinkers and effective communicators through such a course, I would be very willing to share my knowledge and experience toward reaching the standards of proficiency in writing and speaking the language.

Every lesson varies for every learner. Thus, given a chance, I would be focusing on a student-centered type of teaching where the utmost support and equal opportunities are given to the learner based on his level when it comes to speaking and writing the English language. My goal is to teach, touch, and transform lives through teaching and sharing my time and talents with my students. If you also believe in and would like to know more about such goals, choose me as your child's tutor to help and support his or her growth and potential toward becoming a great English writer and speaker in the future.

Teacher Niño's introduction:



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