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Intro: Teacher Prince Yam

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WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. 51Talk Teacher (Online) - From 02/04/2019 To 06/04/2021 - Details: I taught for almost 2 years in the platform. I taught mostly Chinese students.

2. Acadsoc Teacher (Online) - From 02/05/2018 To 08/06/2018 - Details: I taught for almost 6 months in the platform. I taught Chinese students.

3. Classroom Teacher in Philippines - From 06/03/2013 To 06/09/2021 - Details: I am currently teaching as a Science teacher handling 8th Grade students.


  • Laguna State Polytechnic University From 06/04/2018 To 08/08/2021 Major: Biological Science Master Degree

  • Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation From 06/01/2009 To 04/01/2013 Major: Biological Science Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am Teacher Yam from the Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education and also a licensed teacher. I am also taking up my Master's Degree. I have been teaching for eight years now. I taught 4th Grade students for 3 years and 8th Grade students for almost 5 years now, Also, I have been teaching English online for almost 2 years now.

💬 Teaching Style:

  • I really love teaching because this is my passion. I am friendly and outgoing. I want my students to be truly interested in learning English. I know that learning English is not easy, that is why I make sure that my students will enjoy and learn at the same time in my class.

  • I usually use realia, flashcards, toys, puppets and rewards to make my class more interactive, fun and interesting. I can also sing some nursery rhymes to sing with my students.

Teacher Yam introduction Video:

Teaching Certificates:

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