Intro: Teacher Thanh Van

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  1. Teaching Assistant in YOLA Center - From 01/10/2019 To 01/03/2021 - Details: - Tracks and records student class performance - Help teacher to manage students in class - Support students upon request - Prepare reminders for students - Help with school events, trips, and activities - Contact parents for students’ studying progress.

  2. Teaching Assistant in British Council - From 01/08/2021 To 02/14/2022 - Details: - To assist teachers in primary classes, or in other British Council classes when there are students who require additional support - To supervise children outside of the classrooms, make sure children play in safety, warn students about inappropriate behaviour and report to the person in charge if poor behaviour becomes persistent . - To support the admin team in preparing for the courses and delivering student services.

  3. Online English Teacher in Lasluz - From 01/09/2020 to 02/14/2022 - Details: - Teach English vocabulary and English communication for young learners

  4. Online English Teacher in Antoree - From 01/10/2020 to 02/14/2022 - Details: - Teach English vocabulary and English communication for young learners


  • International University VNU Major: English Linguistics and Literature Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello parents and kids,

My name is Thanh Van. I'm from the English Linguistics department of International University. I chose English teaching as my career due to my passion for the language and children. That's why I desire to spread my love towards English to the kids through my teaching lessons.

Teaching style:

I speak English fluently with an energetic vibe, so I'm confident to engage your kids, as well as strengthen their English foundation and their confidence.

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Teaching Certificates: