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Intro: Teacher Tim

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1. English Teacher at High School Affiliated to BIT, Beijing - From 09/01/2020 To 07/01/2022

- Details:

  • Writing lesson plans and handouts, making presentations and teaching 24 lessons per week across two age groups, Senior 1 (ages 15-16) and Senior 2 (ages 16-17). During outbreaks of Covid 19, I conducted these classes online.

  • Proofreading other teachers’ handouts and students’ writing homework, as well as speaking at students’ performance events.

  • Delivering video open class showcases sessions with selected classes.

  • Delivering lectures to Chinese English teachers on teaching English and life in China.

2. Part-Time Visual Arts Teacher at Atelier Extra Curricular Art School, Beijing - From 01/01/2020 To 08/31/2020

- Details: writing content for and coordinating art workshops, both online and in person.


  • Leeds Art University

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello! my name is Tim and I’m from England.

My two passions are making new friends and of course, teaching!

I have a 120-hour TEFL certificate and I also have a degree in Fine Art.

Teaching Style

I have a lot of experience teaching English. I can teach many different topics using props, everyday objects and other realia. I can also draw pictures in the lesson to help with learning.

Whether you are a child or an adult, I will work hard to find the right topic for you and bring you some very creative and exciting lessons! Depending on your age, I can offer reward systems and/or constructive praise and critiques in the lesson.

I will help you to become a master of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation and to become more confident in speaking. Think of our lesson as a fun conversation!

See you in the classroom!

Teacher Tim introduction:

Teaching certificate:

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