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Intro: Teacher Utami

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1. English Assistant Teacher in Samarinda, Indonesia - From 06/25/2016 To 12/24/2016 - Details: I was an English assistant teacher for students from elementary to middle school studied English together in the program with various fun indoor and outdoor learning activities.

2. English Teacher in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

- From 06/04/2018 To 03/17/2023

- Details: I was an English teacher.


  • Indonesia University of Education. Bachelor Degree in Arabic Education


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

“True learning only occurs when you love the subject you are studying and then the acquiring of knowledge is effortless because it is also a pleasure.” ― William Boyd, Any Human Heart

Hello. My name is Teacher Utami. I have been helping people to improve and grow their love of English by teaching for 7 years. Do you feel that you or your children need to improve your English skill? Do you still not believe in yourself or in your children that you actually can learn English? Do you feel you have no joy in learning English yet? Then, you have come to the right person. I believe that loving to learn English is no less important than being able to master it. My goal is not only to improve your or your children’s English skills but also to share my love for English with you by making it exciting, easy, and enjoyable through various fun learning activities. So, do not hesitate to learn English with me!

Teacher Utami introduction:


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