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Schola . Course

​Standard curriculum with international exams

The American elementary school curriculum is conveyed through learning  1:1 and small group on the basis of modern technology application. The lesson content is designed with many  Various games with  personalized learning maps. ​

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​Rich study materials

​Self learning

​Exercises + Videos

​In-class program

​Detailed Syllabus

​Books and Certificates

​Course books, advanced materials and certificates of completion

Standard study time

Learn 1:1 with a teacher

30 minutes of continuous live interaction  with native teachers - Standard duration for 1:1 format in the world


30 minutes  After that , students will do their own exercises on the website to consolidate the knowledge they have just learned within 20-30 minutes without the supervision of the Teacher.


Students will receive comprehensive assessments from their teachers after each lesson.

In addition, students also  Instantly see the assignment results and know where to improve. 


Get a comprehensive review

Do homework  knowledge consolidation

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