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Intro - Teacher Kelly

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  1. ESL Tutor/ mathematics and science tutor in ABC 360/ Private school - From 11/20/2019 To 12/01/2018 - Details: I was an Online ESL tutor for ABC360. In that time, I also tutored mathematics and science at a private school and privately.

  2. ESL Tutor in SayABC - From 12/05/2018 To 11/18/2019 - Details: I tutored for SayABC teaching 1v4 classes.


  • The photography Institute Major: Photography

ABOUT ME: Self-Introduction:

I have worked in the USA , Canada and South Africa. I have 5 years of experience in online teaching. I have experience in teaching low beginners phonics, intermediate grammar and IELTS preparation.

I love teaching, and there is nothing better than watching your student improve and be able to speak to you confidently. In order for this to happen, I give my students typed notes during/ after class and may give extra information on the topic or sentence structure.

Teaching style:

  • For younger children, I keep the student engaged with the lesson by smiling, encouraging, showing a level of enthusiasm, using total physical response and using a reward system.

  • Teenagers and older students might want to free-talk or focus on grammar. In these cases, I would ask the students relevant question and they may feel free to ask me questions, or just converse where I will take note and correct the errors.

  • For grammar lessons, I will prepare for the relevant grammar lesson so that the student will be able to learn easily in the lesson, and I may give the students notes or homework to improve.

  • Total physical response: I have many flashcards, puppets, toys, a black board and other props to make the lessons fun and easy for the student.

Teacher Kelly introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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