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Intro: Teacher Lindemie

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WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. Business & English Lecturer - From 01/01/2016 To 11/30/2017 - Detais: I was a student lecturer at the University of the Free-State in South-Africa, lecturing various Law, English and Business classes to students. I facilitated online tutorials as well as practical classes. I was also responsible for the preparation of exam & test papers. I constantly monitored the progression of my students & always tried to achieve the best possible result.

2. Online English Teacher - From 01/01/2019 To 03/13/2020

- Details: I was an online ESL Teacher for a well-known Language company. I was responsible for the preparation of English lessons and monthly quizzes. I achieved great results with my students & thoroughly enjoyed developing their language skills & conversational abilities.

3. Online Business Tutor - From 01/01/2019 To 03/13/2020 - Details: I am a private Business English tutor for various students all over the globe. I prepare my own lesson plans and monthly examinations. I have seen tremendous progress in my students thus far & wish to develop their professional jargon even more.


  • University of the Free State From 01/01/2013 To 11/30/2017 Major: Law Bachelor Degree

  • TEFL South-Africa From 01/06/2019 To 07/07/2021 Major: English Master Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello! My name is teacher Lindemie!I am a 25-year old Law graduate and qualified ESL Teacher. I am very passionate about education & I always strive to give my best to my students.

📚 Teaching Methods:

  • My teaching style is very unique, enthusiastic and patient and I invite you to join my welcoming, warm and education-filled classroom. In my class you will experience extensive language lessons, practical language skills & a fun atmosphere. I cannot wait to meet you & I look forward to see you in my classroom!

  • Let's come and have fun with teacher Lindemie

Teacher Lindemie introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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