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Intro: Teacher Nicole Sauls

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1. TEFL Teacher - From 08/01/2022 To 04/19/2023

- Details: Online - Palfish

I have taught more than 400 classes to students between the age of 3 - 19 years old as a freelance teacher at Palfish.

2. TEFL Teacher

- From 01/01/2022 To 03/31/2023

- Details: Online - RefuNet

I have taught adult students from across the world at a volunteer company called RefuNet.

3. TEFL Teacher

- From 09/01/2022 To 03/31/2023

- Details: Online - TalkEnglish

I have taught both kids and adults on this platform.


  • The University of the Western Cape Bachelor's degree in Science in Biotechnology


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello wonderful students and parents. My name is Nicole and I am a native English speaker from a beautiful country called South Africa.

I am a certified TEFL teacher with more than 1 year's experience in teaching both kids (3 - 19 years old) and adults. I have helped students with English levels ranging from beginner all the way to conversational.

I am passionate about teaching this language to everyone who is willing to learn it. I am a patient, cheerful, supportive, and energetic teacher. I believe that each student learns in their own way, so I will always try and adapt to the needs of the learner.

I am fond of using the TPR method in teaching, especially with young learners. I use many props, toys, and flashcards to help students gain a visual understanding of what I am teaching.

I can help improve your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. We will have loads of fun while learning English!

Teacher Nicole Sauls's introduction:

Teaching Certificates:


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