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Intro: Teacher Nikka Josalene

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WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. English Tutor in China - From 07/03/2017 To 03/23/2021. - Details: Teaching beginners to advanced Chinese students. Teaching beginners to intermediate Chinese students.

2. English Tutor in Vietnam - From 10/01/2019 To 01/31/2020 - Details: Teaching beginners to intermediate Vietnamese students.

3. English Tutor in Japan - From 12/03/2018 To 06/30/2019 - Details: Teaching beginners to advanced Japanese students.


  • Negros Oriental State University Major: Bacherlor of Science in Hospitality Management Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello, My name is Nikka Josalene Acop, 25 years old from the from the Philippines. I am currently residing at Dumaguete City the land of gentle people.

I am majored in Hospitality Management at Negros oriental State University. I am jolly person and I love talking to different people. I love learning different cultures that is why I am also interested in teaching students with different nationalities.

Furthermore, I also completed TESOL, TEFL and EFK certificate. I have been teaching English for three years now. I taught students from different nationalities and from different levels. I teach not only beginners intermediate and advanced but also I handled professionals.

💬 Teaching Style:

  • My teaching style is according to the goal in the level of the student but one thing is constant I always give my 100% best in each class. That’s it and I’m looking forward to see you soon. Have a lovely day!

Teacher Nikka introduction Video:

Teaching Certificates:


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