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Intro: Teacher Shayna

To study trial with teacher Shayna, please sign up at:




1. Online ESL Teacher at Novakid - From 05/26/2022 To 06/07/2022 - Details:

  • Assess students’ English level and assign the appropriate course.

  • Teach on a 1V1 basis to students age 3-12

  • An intro, level 1, 2, 3 and level 4 online teacher for grammar, reading, speaking and listening skills

2. Online ESL Teacher at Talk915

- From 02/22/2020 To 03/21/2022 - Details:

  • Teaching English on a 1-on-1 basis to students aged 3-19.

  • Be a demo teacher which means I do trial classes for potential students.

3. Online ESL Teacher at Assoroh (UAE)

- From 02/22/2020 To 03/21/2022 - Details:

  • Teach on a 1v30+ basis to University students aged 19-35.

  • An intro, level 1 and level 2 online teacher for grammar, reading, speaking and listening skills


  • University of South Africa Major: Bachelor's degree in Accounting Science

  • Vaal University of Technology Major: Bachelor's degree in Internal Auditing


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

My name is Shayna, and I am a native English teacher South Africa. I am a Certified English Foreign Language teacher (TEFL) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2018. I have 4+ years experience, teaching students from the age of 3-40+ years old phonics, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking and writing.

💬 Teaching Style

I am an exciting, active, fun-loving teacher who enjoys teaching young students, as it allows us to have fun while learning. I enjoy adventure sports, hiking, reading and dancing. Sports and being active has taught me discipline and focus while exploring, learning about nature and having fun. This has allowed me to adapt easily to any situation and students’ needs. My goal is to ensure students speak, read and understand the language with confidence while having fun.

Teacher Shayna introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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