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Intro: Teacher Simone

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WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. ESL Teachera at Landi English - From 01/10/2019 To 25/6/2021 - Details: Teaching English to students of various levels • Teaching both private and group lessons • Encouraging natural conversations whenever possible by engaging the student in further questions relating to the topic. • Correcting mistakes in a kind manner to help the student continue to feel comfortable speaking • Writing teacher notes to summarize the lesson and further motivate the student • Building relationships to retain student retention.


  • Nelson Mandela University Major: Labour Law & HR Master Degree

  • University of Cape Town Major: Postgraduate Diploma Project Management Bachelor Degree

  • MANCOSA Major: Human Resource Management Bachelor Degree

  • University of South Africa Major: Psychology Bachelor Degree

  • Global TEFL Major: 150 Hour Master TEFL/TESOL Course


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello! my name is teacher Simone. I am a certified and experiences ESL teacher and hold the following qualifications:

- Masters in Labour Law & HR

- Advanced Diploma in Project Management

- Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) In HR

- Bachelor of Psychology

💬 Teaching Style:

  • My teaching style is interactive, enthusiastic as well as supportive. I make sure the students feel comfortable and in a safe learning environment whilst still having fun.

  • I love watching students confidence and development improve throughout their lessons!

Teacher Simone introduction Video:

Teaching Certificates:


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