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Intro: Teacher Sofi

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International Junior High School Students' Tutor Private Tutor July 2022 - Present

  • I am using the Cambridge curriculum including textbooks and methods. During the lesson, use English, Indonesian, or both.

  • Provide private study instruction to students to improve academic performance, skills, and test preparation.

  • Identify, develop, and implement strategies and lesson plans during tutoring that are tailored to the Cambridge curriculum.

  • Provide training questions and display interactive learning videos to make it easier for students.

Junior High School Kartika IV-1 Surabaya

Science Teacher

2023 - Present

  • Homeroom teacher

  • Head of the Science Laboratory

  • Develop teaching materials and learning media

  • Conduct regular learning assessments and evaluations

The Introduction to School Teaching Field Program

Science Teacher


  • Make a learning plan according to the schedule based on the semester/yearly program.

  • Develop teaching materials and learning media

  • Conduct regular learning assessments and evaluations

  • Lead laboratory activities with appropriate procedures by providing student worksheets for student learning.

Community Service in Candiwatu Village, Mojokerto

Teaching Activities


  • Provide learning to local elementary school students

  • Observe learning activities and the school environment

  • Carrying out simple experimental activities due to a lack of opportunities and facilities

Real Work Lectures (KKN)

Unesa Teaching Program


  • Providing facilities for local participants to understand the material more deeply

  • Have fun learning by showing interactive videos

  • Motivate students to improve their abilities


   University State of Surabaya

  • Bachelor's degree in Science Education Internasional Class


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I have approximately two years of teaching experience, and I am currently working as a teacher at local government and international schools. I have also been a private tutoring teacher, especially in the subject of English. Throughout these years and up to now, I have worked with students from different grades. I am confident that I can help you on your learning journey with enthusiasm and make it a fun experience Teacher Sofi's introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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