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Intro: Teacher Sonja Spies

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1. Online English Teacher - From 06/12/2021 To 06/29/2023

- Details: I've been teaching English online ever since June 2021. I've taught 5000+ lessons with various companies abroad.

2. Owner and Head Tutor, Master Mind Tutor Center

- From 04/03/2018 To 11/30/2020

- Details: Managed the center (including the other tutors) and also tutored students aged 6 to 16.

3. English Teacher

- From 07/01/2017 To 11/30/2017

- Details: Taught English on-site to students of all ages. Group lessons with up to 20 students in a class.

4. Personal Assistant, Office Manager, and Trainer

- From 06/30/2021 To 06/30/2023

- Details: Personal Assistant to the director of a property development company, which included being the Office Manager and training staff.


  • University of the Free State Bachelor's Degree in Education

  • Australian Vietnam School of Skills and Education TESOL IV


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello! Are you feeling happy? I’m teacher Sonja from South Africa and I’m very excited to meet you and your kids! I love teaching and have taught more than 5000 online lessons!

I have a four-year Bachelor in Education degree and I have a 150-hour TESOL IV certificate. I’m also a Life Coach and can help you improve your English skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening! Lessons with me are relaxed and filled with fun.

Book a class with me and earn rewards like lollipops, stickers, golden coins, and much more for a good job! You’ll receive timeous positive feedback to regularly gauge your improvement. Let’s start our learning journey together today!

Teacher Sonja's introduction:

Teaching Certificates:


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