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Intro: Teacher Tanya

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Ms. Tanya is a teacher at Schola. She is an ESL teacher, educational consultant and recruiter with BA in English Language and Literature and MA in TESOL. She has also been the recipient of E-teacher scholarship, iTDi CPD scholarship, Teach Abroad Scholarship, and winner of The Consultants E scholarship. She has taught to students of all ages, grades and levels. Her areas of interest include applied linguistics, vocabulary teaching, classroom dynamics and creative e- teaching. She also has attended many seminars and webinars as well as presented at national and international conferences.

Introduction Video:

Teaching Experience:

- Online English Language Teacher:                                                                     2017 - Present

- English Language Teacher: 2009 - 2017

- Guest Lecturer: 2015

Education Background:

Teacher Tanya's 1-on-1 and group classes:

1-on-1 classes for kid

1-on-1 classes for adults:

Group classes:

Teaching certificates:


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