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Intro: Teacher Wendy

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  1. Activities coach in Jeffrey's Bay - From 02/01/2017 To 12/15/2017 - Details: I had a group of 7 special needs children that came to me once a week with their teacher, and I organized and taught them something that they would not usually be exposed too. Some days it would be music appreciation, others art, other archery and so on.(I also coach archery to children from 4 to 18 for the last 10 years)I organised different themed days, always teaching them about something new like different animals,foods, reading stories etc. They were Afrikaans and so also exposed them to the English language in a relaxed environment. This was really a pleasure for me, and I feel privileged to have been a part of their development and growth during that year.


  • Bachelor of Industrial & Organisational Psychology at University of Port Elizabeth

  • 150 hour Master TEFL certificate



Hello ! I have a Bachelors degree and a 150 hour Master TEFL certificate. My goal is to help your child learn English in a way that suites them best ! Each student is different and I adapt my teaching style to suite your child's needs.

Teaching Style:

  • I always remain positive, patient, encouraging and focused. It is important to correct any pronunciation and other mistakes in a positive way, so that the student learns from it, and is confident to try again.

  • I like the student to have fun while learning and talk and interact with me as much as possible. (Practice is the best way to learn ! ) I make use of props in order to aid learning and use a reward system and lots of praise.

  • I would love to lead your child on this exciting journey of learning the English language !

Teacher Wendy Introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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