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Intro: Teacher Zahirah

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1. English teacher - From: 08/19/2019 To 06/09/2021 - Details: Teaching kids grammar and conversational classes as well as grading after class reports.

2. English teacher - From 01/18/2020 To 10/28/2021

- Details: Teaching one on one and group class to kids from the ages of 3- 15. Grammar as well as conversational lesson plans. Grading essay submissions.


  1. Nelson Mandela University Major: Public relations and English Bachelor Degree


  • My name is Zahirah Obaray and I am 27 year old woman from sunny South Africa. I have a degree in media and communications as well as a TEFL certificate. I enjoy teaching both children and adults as it is a privilege for me to help you reach all your dreams and goals.

Teaching Style:

  • As a teacher I am calm, confident and patient, i always make sure my students are happy and comfortable in the class. It is important to be helpful and understanding to students learning a second language because confidence grows over time and it is necessary to master a new skill. In my class students will feel relaxed and have fun while learing.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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