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​Terms & Conditions (Terms & Conditions)

1. Student: An individual participating in a Course purchased by Party A in Party A's registered account at Party B's official website or any other official platform of Party B (hereinafter collectively referred to as as "Party B's Platform").

2. Courses: includes Core Courses, Open Classes, and other Courses that can consume hours of study of the Main Course or Open Class provided by Party B to Party A.


1.To enter into this Contract Party B, Party A must be at least 18 years old, have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this Contract. Then Party A confirms that it will pay or has paid service fees for Party B's Courses and in accordance with this Contract. By entering into this Contract or making the purchase of the Courses of Party B, Party A is deemed to have fully acknowledged and understood all the terms and conditions in this Contract and agreed to the provisions of this Agreement. this coin.

2. This contract will take effect after Party B receives payment from Party A.


1. Party B provides the Student with the Course under this Contract.
2.Both Parties acknowledge that Party B has performed the determination of the Learner's English level. Content

Courses are offered to a Student based on his or her academic status and results of the knowledge assessment. The main course will start from the current level of English as decided by Party B.
3. Other rights and benefits that Party A enjoys related to the purchased Course will be published on Party B's website.


1. Party B provides a foreign language training course for children to Party A with the following duration:

a. Course Name: English Course Schola kids

b. Course validity: 1 year from the date of signing the contract with the package of 60 sessions

c. Maximum reservation period: 60 days (In words: 60ty) days, for the whole Course.

d. Maximum number of reservations: 1 (In words: One) times.

2. Rules of entry into force of the Course are as follows:

a. Courses are counted from the first day of class.

b. All Courses need to be used during the validity period. Lessons not used after the contract's validity period will not be refunded. If the customer does not complete the course after the effective period of the contract, the customer will pay the original price for the lessons learned.


1. Tuition is the amount Party A must pay to Schola to use the Course mentioned in Article 1 of this Contract.

​ - The above tuition fees are inclusive of all taxes and fees (if any) as prescribed by law.

2. Payment method:
- Party A can pay by bank transfer or pay directly at Schola's Head Office/Branch/Representative Office.

- With bank transfer method: Party A will make the payment according to the instructions provided by Party B at the time of payment.



  1. A Level will include the corresponding official number of sessions.

  2. If the Student cannot attend the lesson related to the scheduled class, Party A will need to cancel the lesson at least 8 hours in advance. If Party A fails to cancel, the Student will be confirmed as "Opt Out" for the Scheduled Lesson.

  3. If the Student does not enter the class on time, the lesson will still start and end on time according to the fixed time on the system. Students and Party A cannot request to postpone or extend the Lesson.

  4. If the student cannot complete the scheduled Lesson due to Party B's fault, the class time of the Main Lesson will not be deducted (Including the following issues: teacher temporarily unable to teach, the lesson is going on but is postponed for personal reasons or due to an incident from Party B's teaching system).

  5. Party B or the foreign teacher has the right to suspend the Course and deduct the Course hours and Party B has the right to delete all the videos of the Course and not bear any liability if Party A or the Student perform the following actions:
    a. Committing speech acts that harm the dignity or interests of the country and disclosing state secretsb. Has made speech or conduct discriminatory by nationality, race, religion, sex;
     Committing acts of attack and discrimination against foreign teachers;
    c. Violating relevant laws where foreign teachers live or international conventions that Vietnamand the member country;
    d. Other violations as prescribed by law.


1. The effective tuition refund rules are as follows:
1.1. Students are only allowed to withdraw tuition fees when they are in special cases to be able to withdraw tuition fees as prescribed by Schola.
1.2. If in one of the special cases prescribed by Schola, Party A can request Party B to refund the tuition fee equal to the amount paid minus the number of lessons studied by the Student together with 350,000 VND administration fee. After the first official lesson, Party A cannot ask Party B to refund the tuition fee. And Party A can transfer the remaining number of lessons of the 60-session package to any other child in the family of an acquaintance.

2. In case Party A has a lesson within 8 minutes hours from the time you want to stop the program, that lesson will be added to the number of classes taken.

3. When Party A requests a refund of tuition fees, Party B is responsible for notifying and refunding the remaining tuition fees within 7 working days from the time Party A notices. The two parties will sign a contract on liquidation to determine the rights and obligations of the two parties.


1. Rights and obligations of Party A and Student

a. Party A and the Student must ensure that they participate in the Course with the actual study time

b. Ensure compliance and strictly follow the instructions of Party B during the process of Party B and the lecturers

Party B's support for Students and Party A to join the class.

c. Party A and the Student will not affect the course progress. Party B has the right to suspend the use

Party A's Course account if there is a violation.

d. Contact Party B at any time if Party A and Student have any problem during the time


e. Party A and the Students must not publish false statements that damage the reputation of Party B or Party B employees.

f. Party A or Student shall not sell (but only transfer) part or all of the Course provided to any third party in any way.

g. Party A agrees that Party A is responsible for preparing internet access equipment and other software and hardware devices necessary to participate in the Courses.

H. To protect all privacy and interests of registered users and students, Party A will not use Party B's system to collect, probe, request personal information or contact information of Party B. teachers (e.g. email, Facebook account, skype account, twitter, instagram).


2. Rights and obligations of the AGREEMENT

a. To ensure service quality, Party B has the right to upgrade the learning system, support services, arrange teaching programs or other issues. However, Party B will promptly notify Party A to ensure Party A's interests.

b. Guiding and supporting Party A students throughout the course.

c. In the event that Party A has completed the level of study at Schola but has not yet achieved the goal as committed, Party B will commit to training by providing additional learning and teaching materials through the form of intensive group classes. with instructors at no additional charge. Conditions to receive commitment:

c.1: Children learn 1:1 program at least 2 times/week

c.2: Complete homework after class.

c.3: Do the following tests for the units of study.

c.4: The child learns all the way to learn one level.

d. Stop providing the Course to Party A and Students without prior notice in case Party A's breach of obligations is detected at any time during the course of participation.

e.Do not use the student's image without the permission of Party A.


Party B is the owner of all intellectual property rights including the following documents:

(i) All materials (including but not limited to service materials, Courses, textbooks and other related materials) produced by Party B for all Courses;

(ii) All materials created in the Course (including but not limited to any videos, brochures packages, etc.);

(iii) software, programs and content displayed, used or provided about Party B's program. Without the consent of Party B, Party A and Learners at any time (including both the validity period of this Agreement and its termination) shall not be entitled to: (i) use the above documents for commercial purposes; (ii) translate, copy, transmit and modify the foregoing in any way; And (iii) to disclose the above information to any third parties.


  1. If Party B breaches this Contract, Party A has the right to terminate the Contract by notifying Party B in advance at any time and requesting a refund of the Course. Party B will be obliged to compensate for damage corresponding to the violation caused to Party A. Party B's limited obligation for failure to perform this Contract's obligation will not exceed the total amount of tuition fees that Party B has incurred. Party A's participants must pay.

  2. If Party A violates this Contract, Party B has the right to terminate this Contract by notifying Party A at any time. If Party B suffers any loss due to Party A's breach, Party B has the right to deduct the corresponding compensation amount to Party B for damages from Party A's payable Tuition for Unused Courses. .

  3. The party that violates the obligations and responsibilities committed in this Contract shall be subject to a penalty for breach of the Contract equivalent to 8% of the breached Contract Value.

  4. Party A confirms that, If Party B's Course data is lost or destroyed due to the following reasons, Party B will not be considered a breach of the Contract and shall not be liable to the extent permitted by law:

  5. a. Service interruptions due to hardware updates and software maintenance due to testing or construction

frequent, or sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment;

b. Party A improperly used.
c. Events caused by hackers, viruses and technical regulation in the telecommunications sector.


  1. This Agreement includes the Contract and its attached Appendixes (if any) as an integral part. Any amendments and supplements to the Contract are valid only when agreed in writing by the Parties.

  2. After Party A's Course is completed or expired, this Contract will automatically terminate and the course account owned by Party A will no longer be valid.

  3. This contract is construed and governed by the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute, if any, between the two Parties shall be resolved by negotiation in the spirit of good faith and mutually beneficial for both Parties. In case the Parties cannot resolve by negotiation or conciliation, all disputes arising out of or related to this Contract will be resolved at a competent Court.

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