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Learn English more effectively through Games

Parents should immediately learn these games to create opportunities for children to develop creative thinking.

Download the app now Schola, help the children review vocabulary and knowledge after school through the game:

1. Crosswords

Simple (not difficult to understand) crosswords are a simple way to expand a child's vocabulary, especially in areas of general knowledge that are not often covered in language lessons. If he can start with complex crosswords, he will find himself exposed to a huge amount of knowledge. Since complex crosswords often rely on knowledge of wordplay, popular culture and other knowledge is not usually taught in the classroom. It also helps your child approach and understand more about Anglo-American culture.

2. Word searches - Find meaningful words

It's not a lie to say that “Word searches” are the most fun game in the world. This is a way to fill those short moments of boredom, and in a very unique way, games have contributed a lot to children's language learning. Even if your child can't find a word on the board, he or she can write the word on paper with its definition. This can be an effective way to build vocabulary.

3. Articulate - Word Matching Game

To win the game, you must be very good at making grammatically perfect sentences; Talk about the meaning of the word you are looking for as quickly as possible. So, if your child feels a lack of confidence when speaking English, this is a great way to make them speak with more confidence and less fear of making mistakes.


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