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Intro: Teacher Aarti

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1. ESL Teacher - From 03/01/2018 To 12/31/2023

- Details:

Five years of igniting language sparks in students, online and offline. With a passion for making English accessible and engaging, I've crafted lessons that bring out confidence in classrooms and virtual spaces. My experience spans a diverse range of learners, from curious beginners to seasoned communicators. I believe in tailoring my approach to each individual, utilizing technology to enhance online lessons while fostering a warm and supportive environment for in-person learning. My focus is not just on grammar and vocabulary, but on building a love for language and empowering students to use it to connect, explore, and express themselves.


  • Rhodes University Master's degree in Drama


🎙️ Self-Introduction:


I am Aarti. I'm from South Africa. It's so nice to meet you!

I have been teaching in various capacities for over 5 years! I have a background in drama, and I love utilizing drama techniques in my teaching style. My strengths as a teacher include creating a patient, confidence-building, fun-learning, safe environment where students feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn together. My students describe me as fun, kind, and positive. I encourage students to try their best always. I hope I have a chance to work with you, or your child - and I hope I may leave a lasting impression on your or your child's learning. See you in class. Teacher Aarti's introduction:

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