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Intro: Teacher Abegail

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1. Online ESL Teacher at 51talk (Master Teacher A) - From May 2021 To Oct 2022

- Details:

• Taught English as a Second Language to Chinese adults and children

• Delivered over 8,500 successful ESL lessons

Improve and evaluate the learner's performance based on set guidelines

2. Private Online Teacher

- From Dec 2021 To Oct 2022

- Details:

• Teach English to kids and adults of all nationalities

• Prepare lesson plans, monitor and track learners'


3. Grade 7 English Teacher at RCSPC - From July – November 2019

- Details:

• Created class programs and syllabi

• Developed lesson plans for classes in English 7

• Conducted classes and evaluated the learners’



  • Capiz State University

Bachelor's Degree in English

  • Filamer Christian University

Master's Degree in English


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello there! This is Teacher Abee from the Philippines!

I am a certified English teacher with TESOL, TEYL, and TEFL certificates. I am also a Licensed Professional Teacher. I have been teaching English online for almost 3 years now. I also had a teaching experience in an actual school setting. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education major in English. And now, I am currently taking Master of Arts in Teaching English.

I have taught English to students ages three and up from beginners to advanced ones. I have taught students with different behaviors or attitudes but nevertheless, I enjoyed teaching them all.

💬 Teaching Style

My students call me Teacher Abee. Like a Bee Zzzzz XD I am fun, friendly, and very patient, especially with kids. In my class, I use toys, realia, and rewards to make my class fun and enjoyable. I also make use of fun games and interactive activities to make learning experiences more interesting.

My only goal in teaching my students is to help them achieve their greatest potential to speak the English language with confidence.

I hope to see you in one of my classes!

Teacher Mischelle introduction:

Teaching certificates

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