Intro: Teacher Andrea

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You can call Teacher Andrea is Andy for short. Teacher Andrea has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Consumer Sciences. She has 4 years teaching adults of which one year was online, by doing this she is a certified facilitator for Veritas College. Teacher Andy also have experience working with children aged 6 – 15 as a volunteer at our local Church. She has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with young and adult learners to help them grow up to have a brighter future. To be an inspiration to them so they can be an inspiration to others. Teacher Andrea's dedicated classroom space is in a quiet, well-lit area of her home. She has a whiteboard, as well as several props, flashcards, games and songs to keep the children engaged and to help make learning fun.


  • International TEFL certificate

  • Bachelor of Science


  • She has many years of Teaching experience especially kids from 6 to 15 years old

Teaching style:

  • Energetic - Patient - Fun

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