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Intro: Teacher Diem Pham

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1. Teaching Assistant - From 11/22/2021 To 04/23/2023 - Details: As a teaching assistant at a children's English center, I am passionate about helping young learners develop their English skills in a fun and engaging way. I work closely with the lead teacher to create and deliver lessons that are both educational and enjoyable. I also provide individual support to students who need extra help, and I am always looking for new ways to make learning fun for everyone.

2. Teaching Online - From 08/07/2023 To 09/14/2023 - Details: As an online English teacher, my duty is to provide students with a fun and engaging learning experience that helps them improve their English skills. I do this by creating and delivering engaging lesson plans, providing individualized feedback, and maintaining a positive and supportive learning environment.


  • Van Lang University Bachelor's Degree in English Language


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

My name is Diem and I currently graduated with a major in English Language. I have 1 year of experience as a teaching assistant at English Center, supporting students in learning and classroom activities. I am also teaching English online to an 8-year-old kid, a high school student, and a freshman. I have a 100-hour TESOL teaching certificate. I'm an energetic, friendly, and cheerful teacher and always help students as much as I can so I hope the above things will help my students in learning English.

Teacher Diem's introduction:


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