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Intro: Teacher Ella Pienaar

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1. Tutor/ Aupair - From 01/01/2021 To 12/31/2022

- Details: Caring for 2 children (ages 9 and 13). Organizing all activities regarding children’s educational and recreational activities. Tutoring both children on an international Curriculum of Cambridge. Food preparation for kids, assisting with homework, exam, and project assistance. Driving children to and from school and extramural activities, and planning entertainment.

2. Tutor/ Aupair

- From 11/01/2014 To 11/30/2016

- Details: Caring for 2 children (ages 4 and 6). Organizing all activities regarding children’s educational and recreational activities Managing household (cleaning, shopping, laundry, making beds, tidying rooms). Food preparation for kids, assisting with homework, tutoring, and projects. Driving children to and from school and activities.

3. Teacher

- From 01/01/2020 To 05/31/2023

- Details: I worked for 5 weeks of the year at Eversdal Primary from Gr 1-3 doing my practical but helping at ‘evergym’ (physical education) in class and giving lessons in all subjects throughout Gr 1 - Gr 3. I also help Eversdal Primary with scribing and when they need a stand-in teacher. At Reddam House I did my Gr R (stage 5) practical in the Cambridge Curriculum. I helped out in class including in arts, IT, dance, and outside play. I also did lessons every day under the supervision of my mentor.

4. Online English Educator

- From 01/01/2023 To 06/25/2023

- Details: I work online with students from Grade R to 4. I am solely their English teacher as this is their additional language. I have the students that stay with me throughout the curriculum. My duties include preparing for all lessons and following their curriculum and helping the student progress through and achieve all objectives set at the end of a semester.


  • UNISA Bachelor's Degree in Foundation Phase Education


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi, I'm Ella! I am from South Africa. I have a lot of experience when it comes to teaching English as a tutor and teacher. I love working with people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds and miss that the most from the years that I was actively traveling the globe. I believe that my experience and studies in education thus far have shaped me to be an inclusive, well-rounded, and student-centered teacher with a holistic approach to everything that I do. My teaching style is very student-centered, I believe that through my degree in education, I have nurtured a style that is fully focused on my students and their individual needs and goals. I am kind and very patient and can help you with grammar, comprehension, pronunciation, listening, and speaking. I can not wait to meet you! and help where I can. Lots of love Teacher Ella. Teacher Ella Pienaar's introduction:

Teaching Certificates:


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