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Intro: Teacher Heazel Aguinid

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1. Curriculum Developer/Graphic Designer - From 10/27/2020 To 02/07/2023

- Details: I was teamed with subject matter experts to evaluate and revise training tools to continually improve learning platforms. I also collaborated with colleagues in developing benchmark lessons and identifying the curriculum needs of faculty. I effectively implemented best training practices and adult learning principles in the planning and creation of instructional materials. And worked closely with instructors to prepare online materials, content, and tools to facilitate training globally.

2. Teacher Manager/ Marketing Assistant

- From 02/04/2020 To 12/23/2022

- Details: I confer with department directors, committees, managers, and staff teams to provide marketing consultation. I supervise administrative professionals. Participates in hiring, evaluating, training, disciplining, and recommending discharge of staff as necessary. I also help in creating written plans for new marketing initiatives, including budget allocation, message development, creative direction, target audiences, timelines, and other related issues.

3. ESL Teacher

- From 12/12/2017 To 04/19/2023

- Details: I prepare and deliver lessons to improve students' reading, writing, and conversing skills. I increased ESL students' reading levels by integrating online word games and altering lesson plans for students needing extra guidance. And I devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain an outstanding attendance record.


  • Western Mindanao State University Bachelor's Degree in MAPEH


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi! I am Teacher Heazel. I am fun, energetic, and friendly. I love talking and asking questions and encourage my students to do the same. I am a skilled ESL Instructor versed in effective and efficient teaching methods while focusing on individual student needs. I have been an English teacher for more than 5 years now. I have experience teaching ESL at preschool up to middle school grade levels for students from over 22 different cultural backgrounds. I love traveling, reading books, playing sports, and telling stories. I also help my students build confidence in speaking the language by involving them in fun and easy classes. Hope to see you in my class!

Teacher Heazel's introduction:



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