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Intro: Teacher Brooks

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  1. Teachbook / MUN Youth Online , China - From 06/01/2021 To 04/16/2022 - Details: Teaching English as a foreign language and Model United Nations (Youth) to students from ages 4 to 15.

  2. Art Teacher From studio and online live classes - From 04/01/2009 To 04/16/2022 - Details: Teaching Art and pottery to students of all ages. I have also completed Art therapy courses.

  3. Corporate Career in Various Companies - From 03/01/1989 To 03/12/2020 - Details: Highlights: My admin career started in 1989, I worked myself up and became a diamond grader and designer of jewels. My career shifted to the wine industry and in December of 2020 he wine estate closed permanently due to the Governmental policies in place during the Covid -19 lockdowns.


  • Commercial Careers

Major: Basic Administration and Office certificate Bachelor

  • Charles Gottard Sculpture and pottery Certificate

  • GIA & ICSL Diamond & Gemstone Grading Certificate

  • Skills / Wholesale & Retail Seta Entrepreneurship & Business Performance

  • Udemy Web design in Adobe Xd - online

  • Online English Academy TEFL Certificate

  • Udemy Art Therapy 1 & 2 – online


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am from the beautiful City of Cape Town South Africa. I am a native English speaker and I am also fluent in Afrikaans.

High School my career started in Administration and then later it ended in Management. I have been an artist since the age of 6 and I have been teaching kids and adults one-on-one classes as well as groups up to 40 people at a time, for a period of 12 years.

Pre- Covid-19, I started with a few online art classes. Since the pandemic all my art classes are online, I have not opened my studio for classes yet.

I have assisted teenagers with learning disabilities by helping them learn art and their school work for a few years and as I love teaching I qualified as a TEFL Teacher in 2020. After about 30 years in a Corporate career, I found my passion and calling, and that is teaching. I have been actively teaching English to students abroad since June 2021. 📚 Teaching Methods:

My classes are fun, creative and high energy. It is important to build on trust as a foundation, and I am looking forward to a long term learning journey with the students.

My motto is to never stop learning.

Teacher Ingrid introduction:

Teaching certificate:


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