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Intro: Teacher Karyn

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1. iTutor Group - From 01/12/2017 To 08/31/2018

- Details: Teaching students from the ages 3-64. 2. Dada Online - From 09/01/2018 To 12/31/2018 - Details: Teaching kids 3. Sayabc Online - From 01/09/2019 To 08/31/2019 - Details: Teaching kids 4. Micro Language - From 09/01/2019 To 01/31/2020 - Details: Teaching kids and adults. TOFEL, ILETS, Business English, etc


  • University of South Africa From 01/01/2017 To 05/31/2019 Major: Education Bachelor Degree

  • TEFL Professional Development Institute From 01/03/2017 To 05/03/2017 Major: TEFL



Hello, my name is Teacher Karyn. I am creative, energetic and love meeting new people. I am able to teach both American and British vocabulary. I am experienced in teaching reading, speaking, pronunciation and phonics. I have been teaching for over three years in an online environment. I also have experience in teaching children from the ages of four (4) years old and up. I have taught English and Life skills for over two years in a school. I have experience in teaching one on one and group classes up to 12 children. Teacher Karyn has experience in teaching children from the ages of four (4) years old and up.

Teaching style:

  • I believe that my classes are fun and interesting. I am very friendly, patient and kind. I would love to join you in your journey as you learn this new beautiful language. I look forward to meeting you. See you in class soon!

Teacher Karyn Introduction:

Teaching certificates:

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