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Intro: Teacher Katrina V.

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1. Online English Teacher - From 02/28/2021 To 08/28/2022 - Details:

• Verbal communication and written skills

• Computer Literate

• Lovable and friendly

• Understanding

• Being respectful

• Passion for teaching

2. Online English Teacher - From 09/01/2021 To 08/31/2022 - Details: Taught Arabic children.


  • St. Augustine College Bachelor's Degree in Psychology


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi! I am Teacher Kat. I am twenty-five years old, and I am from the Philippines. I took up Bachelor's of Science in Psychology And decided to teach in an Online Platform as an English teacher. I am an English teacher with the certificates of TEFL, TEYL and TESOL. I've been teaching English for a year until now to Chinese and Korean Students of all levels. I teach my zero or low-level students how to speak, read, write and many more. For my medium to high level students to practice their pronunciation, grammar, communication skills, answering questions as well as learning new expressions.

💬 Teaching Style

My true passion would be teaching children as I find myself learning from children as they learn I love teaching, I have a passion to share my knowledge with others. I love to play with the kids. I treat my students as my own child and best friend. English language is difficult to understand and as a teacher I need to be patient, energetic and positive and friendly. I believe that I have a good understanding of how individuals learn and develop. I can assure that my class will be fun, engaging and fruitful.

Teacher Katrina introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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