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Intro: Teacher Khánh Uyên

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1. ISB Academic Team - Member of External Relations

- From 12/01/2021 to 07/01/2022 - Details: Writing and designing a Sponsorship Proposal for an academic nationwide competition with +3,000 contestants, 3 events (seminars, webinars, etc.) with +500 participants => good planning skills Negotiate with sponsor partner => good at presentation Working on Email with partners (MailChimp, Mail Merge) Working with media partners and supporting communication for guests => good at communication and negotiation.


  • International School of Business Pursuing Marketing


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hello, I am Duong Khanh Uyen. I am a sophomore majoring in Marketing at the International School of Business - UEH. have an IELTS score of 7.0, with an 8.5 in Reading and a 7.5 in Listening. I am patient, child-friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic. My approach to teaching is student-centered, interactive, and encouraging. It's my responsibility to create a supportive learning environment. Besides, I strive to make my classes engaging and enjoyable, incorporating various teaching methodologies, such as discussions, hands-on activities, age-appropriate educational apps, videos, and online resources to make learning more interactive and appealing. With 1 on 1 class, I can track their progress and provide personalized guidance to help them overcome any obstacles they may face in their learning journey. Constructive feedback is integral to my approach, as it motivates and inspires students to improve continually. I am committed to working closely with parents to keep you informed about your child's progress and address any concerns or questions you may have. With my assistance, your children could enhance their English skills, be more confident and reach their full potential.

Teacher Khánh Uyên's introduction:


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