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Intro: Teacher Minh Anh

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1. English Teaching Assistant at Apollo English - From 04/19/2021 To 06/27/2022

- Details: Preparing lessons and leading 75 extra and tutor classes. Supporting and tutoring 25 weak students. Reviewing over 350 lessons with students. Managing over 350 tasks to directly support 10 teachers and nearly 100 students.

2. English Teacher at GrabLingo

- From 04/18/2022 To 07/23/2022

- Details: Identifying weaknesses and motivating nearly 50 students. Preparing over 100 lessons and directly working with students' pronunciation, speaking and listening skills, and reading comprehension.


  • Open University Major: Bachelor's degree in Business English

  • American Polytechnic College Major: Advanced Diploma of Commerce English Interpretation


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Hi, I am Teacher Lou of Schola!

I have been working as a teacher for nearly 2 years now, and I am working with 150 students. During that time, I have improved and enhanced some special teaching methods.

I want to be not only a teacher but also a student's friend so that they will be more open up and always find it interesting to study. I enjoy transferring my knowledge to everyone's needed, especially children because they are the world's future, and every teacher has to take responsibility as we hold someone's future in our hands.

💬 Teaching Style

I always use the TPR (Total Physical Response) method which is the combination between words and physical actions that creates stronger and deeper memory.

Additionally, I also create fun games and active activities during class, so every age of learner will enjoy learning and be more active than ever. Studying with me, students would feel the smooth flow of positive and powerful energy because when you feel happy and are motivated, you will learn faster and perform better.

Teacher Minh Anh introduction:

Teaching certificates:


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