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Intro: Teacher Ramadhan

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1. English Teacher - From 12/01/2017 To 03/31/2020

- Details: Develop and deliver lesson plans that are aligned with the TOEFL and IELTS exams. Assess student progress and provide feedback. Conduct individual tutoring sessions. Maintain a positive and supportive learning environment. Work with other teachers to develop and implement new programs

2. Online Tutor

- From 02/10/2021 To 08/22/2023

- Details: Teach English to students of all ages and levels via video conferencing. Prepare and deliver engaging and interactive lessons.

Assess student progress and provide feedback. Maintain a positive and supportive learning environment.


  • Lampung University Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Dear Parents,

If you are looking a teacher with good experiences and cheerful demeanor, You should consider me, I have been teaching English since 2017, I love teaching and will be happy to teach your beloved children with patience and love.

I understand that each student has different level and capability, so I will treat each student differently based on his/her needs, I won't rush student to understand things Instead, I will take time until He/She can grasp the lessons.

I also know that sometimes learning can be boring and exhausting, that's why I like to talk to my students in order to get their trust and love so I can understand them and can motivate them when They feel down.

I am looking forward to be the best teacher for your beloved children.

Teacher Ramadhan's introduction:


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