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Intro: Teacher Reneè

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1. ESL Teacher - From 02/01/2021 To 12/30/2023

- Details:

  • Energizing English Explorer: I help young minds (4-14) embark on exciting adventures in English, making learning fun and interactive.

  • Creative Classroom Magician: I turn grammar drills into games, songs into lessons, and every class into a thrilling journey through language.

  • Patient Partner in Progress: With a kind and encouraging spirit, I celebrate every step and help students build confidence as they grow.

  • Age-Appropriate Adventures: I tailor lessons to fit each age group, keeping little ones giggling and teens engaged with relevant topics.


  • University of Cape Town Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

Welcome to my classroom! I am Teacher Renee and I am here to meet your English learning goal! I hold a TEFL certification with three years of teaching experience. Whether you want to broaden your vocabulary or need a dedicated teacher for your kids, I will be happy to guide you. My teaching style includes the use of TPR (total physical response), and the use of props and, I have a great amount of patience for all my students. Learning a new language can be stressful but, I am here to make learning fun, and engaging and I will lead according to your pace! So come and book a class with me. See you soon!

Teacher Reneè's introduction:

Teaching certificate:

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