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Intro: Teacher Roxy

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  1. Online English tutor in Port Elizabeth - From 04/08/2017 To 11/04/2019 - Details: I worked for Tutor ABC for about 2 years, I have also worked for Talk915 for a year and now I am currently teaching with Magic ears.


  • Unisa Major: Education Bachelors degree Bachelor Degree


🎙️ Self-Introduction:

I am Roxanne, who is a passionate teacher, I have always loved the ability to teach, I am currently studying towards a teaching degree and I have been in the teaching industry for about 6 years.

A little bit about me personally, I love to laugh, have fun but when I teach, I take it seriously. I like to think of myself as someone who can see the best in people and help them to bring out the best of themselves by encouraging and creating a safe place for people in my life. I enjoy hiking with my husband and friends, I love swimming in the ocean and doing outdoor activities. I enjoy learning new things and broadening my understanding in life. I love adventure and I can assure you that being in my classroom would be like an adventure, See you soon.

Teaching Style:

  • I have taught many students from as young as three and even to as old as being retired. I love the challenge and I love to break language barriers by teaching English with simplicity so that it can be understood by beginners but I always gauge to see if my students can be challenged.

  • I challenge my students to go above and beyond their capacity, I bring so much energy and make my classroom vibrant and fun. I always believe encouragement and creating an environment that enables a student to start believing in themselves thus results in students growing into their full potential.

  • I think I can help your children come into a space where they are challenged, confident and motivated to want to learn. I bring different flavors to my classroom and I hope you will experience A Rocking Teacher Roxy class.

Teacher Roxy introduction Video:

Teaching Certificates:


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